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Intentional Thinking at its Best

Join us on this transformative journey of soulful reflection, where every mention becomes a step towards embracing the richness of your own narrative. Let Soulful Mentions be your trusted guide as you navigate the currents of life with heightened awareness, grace, and an unwavering focus on the soulful art of being YOU.

Our Why

Soulful Mentions emerged as a collaborative creation, born from the diverse lives of two women who shared a common yearning for something more true...more profound. In a world filled with differences, we were united by our shared desire for more: more gratitude, more serenity, more self-assurance, more self-love, more vitality, and more authentic self-celebration.


We both recognized that the path to attaining MORE of the things we desired, was through more clarity. Through intentional thinking, clarity has the power to illuminate our choices and shape our journey. Thus, Soulful Mentions was conceived as a sanctuary where the journey to clarity begins.


Launch your journey toward intentional thinking by taking the first step and join our Soulful community today. Let your inbox become a source of inspiration, wisdom, and healing. It's time to take charge of your thoughts, nurture your soul, and embrace a more intentional life.

Begin your journey toward intentional thinking.

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