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Tapping Into Your Higher Self

Updated: Jan 31

Yeah, I said it, what are you looking at? When you look in the mirror what are you looking at? 

Oftentimes when we look in the mirror we are looking at the hair that’s out of place, or maybe the bags under our eyes. Perhaps looking at our midsection and reminiscing of times when it was smaller. But how do we get beyond that image of ourselves and learn about tapping into your higher self?

But getting to a place where we aren’t picking ourselves apart, and are instead being kind to ourselves is a process. Imagine with me if you will that you’re staring at yourself in the mirror. And your highest self is standing behind you looking over your shoulder looking in the mirror with you. What is your highest self whispering in your ear? What are the reminders that they’re speaking to you?

I’ve only discovered my highest self within the past 5 years or so. I finally came to realize how sometimes I spoke of and thought of myself in less than kind ways. After years of neglect and abuse, I accepted and even embraced others' perception of me, as my own. If in your formative years, you’re never celebrated, acknowledged, or complimented it’s quite likely that you adopt feelings of less than. And for some perhaps it was bullying that caused you to think low of yourself. And for some, it may have been impacts of comparison. Where social media undoubtedly amplified it.

tapping into your higher self

Whatever the reason for thinking of yourself as less than others, what it ultimately comes down to is in essence allowing lies to be treated as truth. For me, I allowed negative thoughts to run rampant through my mind. This is another reason why I value my time journaling. It helps me to keep or get my thoughts straight and reflect vs. accept.

Now keep in mind when tapping into your higher self, your highest self is the version of you that doesn’t deny your gifts or minimize your worth. And will not shun you for your “imperfections”. It allows room for growth and development. Your highest self is representative of the best, most authentic, most self-honoring version of you. 

Your highest self is confident, considerate of you, and aware of your talents. Your highest self doesn’t assume the worst and most certainly doesn’t insult you!

Ask yourself this, does your highest self say any of the following? You’ve come so far. You are learning, of course, you didn’t know what to say or do in that season. You’re beautiful. Look at that smile! Stop hiding. You’re way more special than you’re giving yourself credit for. Your voice matters. This isn’t the end of your story, etc. 

Tapping into your highest self isn’t something that you can master in one moment in the mirror. But, it is something that you can begin to purposefully do more often and build a habit of allowing your highest self to be dominant over self-deprecating thoughts. To do so, you may want to start with these questions.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  • How have you seen your harsh or unloving view of yourself impact your goals and/or relationships?

  • How would you greet your friend that you love dearly? 

  • This is how you should start to greet yourself daily!!

  • If you’re disappointed in yourself for something…What would you say to your friend in the same situation?

If you want to go a little bit deeper, here are a couple of prompts that we encourage you to journal about. As you ponder, begin to incorporate this language into your conversation with yourself. Your highest self is YOU. It’s the version of YOU that will get you to experience life in new and special ways. 

Prompts for tapping into your higher self

  • What have you done in the past 30 days that pushed you outside of your comfort zone? 

  • What do you need to say to yourself regarding that?

  • What are you really proud of yourself for? 

  • How can you acknowledge your small or big accomplishments more often?

The next time you’re in the mirror, I challenge you to let your highest self do the talking! And let that version of your voice that is not being kind, take a seat. Or whatever other version of you needs to be told to be quiet and let the adults speak. 

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